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Mutual rights and obligations of the User and the Operator arising from the use of the Application are governed by the following terms and conditions:

1 Definition
1.1 In these terms and conditions:
1.1.1 „Operator“ is Mr. Matúš Babjak, born 23 April 1991, with his place of business Vodárenská 2, 058 01 Poprad.
1.1.2 „Application“ means an Internet application called imin360, the main functionalities of which are 360 ° visualization, and which is available from imin360.com.
1.1.3 „GTC“ means these General Terms and Conditions.
1.1.4 "Contract" means a contract concluded between the User and the Operator, the subject of which is the provision of a License to use the Application by the User under the conditions stated in these GTC.
1.1.5 „License“ means a non-exclusive license to use the Application under the terms of these GTC.
1.1.6 „User“ means anybody other than the Operator who uses the Application.
1.1.7 „User account“ means the non-public part of the Application that is accessible to the user after entering the Login data.
1.1.8 „Login“ means a unique combination of the User login name and the password chosen by the User, which the User saves in the Application database when creating the User Account through the Application and / or the password automatically generated by the Application.

2 The process of concluding the Application Agreement
2.1 Display of the button called "Register" in the user interface of the Application is a proposal for conclusion of the Contract by the Operator.
2.2 Clicking on the “Register” button of the User is an unreserved acceptance of the proposal for the conclusion of the Contract by the User and this act is the concluded Contract.
2.3 By concluding the Contract, the following provisions of these GTC become effective.

3 Using the Application
3.1 The Operator grants the User a License to the extent and under the conditions specified in the Application User Environment, in particular specified for the given type of User Account.
3.2 The User undertakes to pay the Provider for the grant of the License in the amount stated in the User Environment of the Application.
3.3 The Operator has the right to provide the performance of the Contract (eg to make the part or functionality of the Application available) only when the license fee is paid and if the User fails to pay the full amount of the license for the License. without another from the beginning.
3.4 Upon expiry of the term of the License, the Operator is entitled to fully and / or partially disable the User's User Account.
3.5 The User has the right to open more than one User Account.
3.6 The User does not have the right to grant a third party a license to use the Application.
3.7 Any financial performance realized through the Application or through a payment gateway connected with the Application shall be deemed paid by crediting the entire relevant amount to the relevant bank account of the Operator.
3.8 The Operator has the right to terminate the Application or its part at any time, change and / or make it inaccessible from the respective Internet address for any reason.
3.9 The User has the right to use the Application under the terms of the Agreement in its current version available from the respective Internet address.
3.10 When using the Application, the User undertakes to act in such a way that neither the Operator nor the Operator will suffer any damage.

4 Database
4.1 The User does not have the right to use the Application by machine (especially using so-called software robots) to extract the database associated with the Application.
4.2 The User and the Operator hereby agree that any data entered by the User into the Application database are part of the database collected by the Operator and become part of the Operator's database, without giving the User any right to the Application's database.
4.3 The Parties fully agree, and agree that the data records in the Application and its database, such as the electronic system, are reliable and are executed in a systematic and orderly manner and are protected against changes.

5 Personal data and cookies
5.1 User's consent to the use of Cookies by the Operator specified in Appendix no. 1 of these GBT forms an integral part of the Contract.
5.2 Consent of the User to Provide Personal Data to the Operator given in Appendix no. 2 of these GBT forms an integral part of the Contract.

6 Liability for Damage
6.1 The Operator is fully liable to the User for any damage caused by the Operator to the User in any breach of the Operator's obligation stated in the Contract or the GBC.

7 Change of GBT
7.1 The User acknowledges that the Operator concludes the Contract in the ordinary course of business with a larger number of persons and the Contracts are, by their nature, obliging to perform the same kind of repetitions in the long term with reference to these GTC. The Parties agree that the nature of the Operator's obligations under these GBTC implies that there was a reasonable need for a later amendment to these GBTC before the conclusion of the Contract.
7.2 The Contracting Parties hereby agree that the Operator may change these GTC to a reasonable extent and at the same time agree that the change of the GTC shall be notified to the User as the other Contracting Party by means of an email message sent to the email address entered by the User into the Application. In such a case, the User has the right to refuse to change the GTC and to terminate the obligation between him and the Operator for one reason at the notice of one (1) calendar month starting on the day following the sending of the notification. to obtain similar services from another entity.
7.3 In the event that a new Contract is concluded with an existing User Account (ie the renewal or extension of the User Account), such GCTC shall be governed by the wording as of the date of the conclusion of such Contract.

8 Mandatory consumer information
8.1 This GTC article is effective only against the User who is a consumer. The provisions stated in this Article of the GBC do not apply to entrepreneurs - sole traders or companies.
8.2 The Operator hereby informs the User that:
8.2.1 The address for service of documents to the Operator is identical with the above-mentioned address of the Operator's registered office;
8.2.2 The Operator's e-mail address is support@imin360.com;
8.2.3 The Provider's remuneration for the License is determined inclusive of all taxes and fees and its amount and / or the method of its calculation is specified in the Application;
8.2.4 The User is obliged to pay the Operator the remuneration for the License, if the License is not provided free of charge, in one of the ways specified in the User Environment of the Application, if applicable;
8.2.5 The User does not incur delivery costs;
8.2.6 Internet access and an Internet browser are required to use the Application;
8.2.7 The User has the right to withdraw from the Contract without giving any reason and without any sanction within 7 days from the acceptance of performance. The acceptance of performance is understood to be the granting of the License.
8.2.8 In relation to the Operator, the User does not incur any costs for the use of remote communication means.
8.2.9 Data on the conclusion of the Contract, including these Terms and Conditions, are stored in the Application database and the User has access to them through the User Account.
8.2.10 The User has the possibility to detect errors by checking in the User Account;
8.2.11 Correction of errors caused by data entry can be done in the same way through the Application and, where the Application does not allow it, also through technical support, whose contact is specified in the Application;
8.2.12 The Operator complies with all applicable laws of the Slovak Republic; no other codes are binding on the Operator;
8.2.13 The operator does not use any means of extrajudicial dispute resolution;
8.2.14 The subject of the Contract is not the delivery of goods, so the Clause does not apply to the Application; Liability for obvious or hidden defects of the Application which the Application had at the time of its making available to the User may be asserted by the Operator under the conditions stipulated in the Contract and these GTC;
8.2.15 The User is obliged to observe these GTC, which are also part of the Contract and also to comply with valid and effective legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.
8.2.16 The user may lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority or the state supervisor. The Slovak Trade Inspection Authority handles out-of-court complaints of consumers in the manner and under the conditions stipulated by the relevant legal regulations.

9 Applicable law
9.1 These GTC as well as the Contract are governed by the legal order of the Slovak Republic.
9.2 Any disputes arising on the basis of the Contract and / or these GTC shall be resolved by the substantive and local competent courts of the Slovak Republic.

10 Taking effect
10.1 These GTC take effect on 1 January 2020.